On 7-8 September 2022 the joint CEP-EuroPris expert group on Domestic Violence came together in Bratislava (Slovakia) for their 5th meeting. In the afternoon of the first day a study visit to the Bratislava prison took place, where the group was introduced to the work done at the various departments (strict regime and open regime). After this Juraj Zajac gave a presentation on the Slovak criminal justice system and its Domestic Violence services.

The next day group chair Sarah Henfrey started off with a presentation on Domestic homicides, based on literature and practice in the UK. All group members contributed to this session by giving information on the situation and numbers in their own countries.

After this Ms. Fiona Wilks-Riley, Consultant and Forensic Psychologist gave a presentation via video conferencing. She talked about the impact of trauma and working in a trauma-informed way.

Then the group brainstormed on its future plans and activities. Since from October onwards EuroPris will no longer take part in the group, it was important to share how to continue, what to bring forward, how to stay connected and how to assure a long-term impact.

The day concluded with a short discussion on the next event: CEP workshop on gender-based violence in probation (Read recap here), which will take place in Barcelona on 13-14 December 2022.


The presentations of the meeting can be found below.


A report can be downloaded here.

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