Events and Funding Programs

One of the most important and most visible activities of CEP is the organization of conferences. The CEP organises four to five conferences a year, focused on pan-European knowledge exchange. Therefore these events cover a broad scope of actual issues in probation and most of them are multi-lingual . Being held across Europe, the CEP conferences bring together practitioners, managers, academics, stake holders and others working in the field of probation and criminal justice .

Under ‘Events‘, you can find the dates and information of the coming CEP conferences and other events in the realm of probation. At the same web page reports of previous conferences can be found (see ‘Publications’).

The European Union offers various possibilities to probation services to finance projects concerning innovation, research, practice development, capacity building and more. In addition, many of these projects give the opportunity to cooperate and exchange knowledge and development internationally with other European probation services and with partner organisations such as NGOs and Universities.

As such, CEP regards these funding possibilities as complimentary to its core business. Therefore, under ‘Funding Programs‘, you can find an overview of the current calls for proposals of the most obvious EU funding programs for the probation sector, such as JPEN (the funding program of the EU Directorate General for Justice, Security and Freedom for criminal justice matters) and ISEC (matters concerning prevention and fight against crime). With links to the websites of the particular funding programs, it is possible to have all necessary information on submitting a funding bid in just three clicks of the mouse.

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