On 1-2 December CEP and EuroPris organized a joint online workshop on Juveniles and Young adult offenders in prison and probation.

The event consisted of presentations by speakers from different jurisdictions who spoke about various aspects: on working with these juvenile offenders, on psychological aspects, on victim-offender mediation and on training. Also a young ex-offender from Serbia shared her story with the audience.

It became clear that the status of juveniles or young adults as well as their neuropsychological development asked for more attention to what type of sanctions and measures are imposed on them. Several presenters indicated that those measures should have a restorative approach and therefore become a meaningful activity for the juveniles and young adults’ lives. It was also indicated as essential to reflect on what type of treatment programs are more appropriate and effective to reduce juvenile delinquency and criminal behaviours, and to promote protective factors.

The workshop presentations can be downloaded below:


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