(De)radicalization in the framework of the HELP project

On 12th November 2020 CEP organized its first international seminar on (de)radicalization in the framework of the HELP project . This project is led by the Council of Europe and CEP is involved as partner. The initial intention was to have this event face-to-face but unfortunately due to Covid-19 it needed to be replaced by an online one.


Participants from several jurisdictions joined and presentations were given by Mr. Maarten van de Donk from the EU Radicalization Awareness Network (giving an overview of (de)radicalization aspects and trends in Europe), by Ms. Eva Massa Arranz from the Council of Europe (on the HELP project itself) and by professor Ioan Durnescu from the University of Bucharest in Romania. The latter introduced the already existing HELP online course to the participants and showed them the “backbone” of the follow-up/update that they are working on at the moment. He asked the audience for their input and advice, for which the group split up into small working sessions to actively discuss.

The new HELP online course will be officially launched in January 2021.

The seminar’s presentations can be downloaded down below:

Presentation Eva Massa 

Presentation Maarten van de Donk


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