On 6-7 October 2016, following the 12th CEP General Assembly on the 5th, CEP organised  a  international conference on one of its core business topics, namely “Alternatives to Detention”.

The event brought together different perspectives and concepts regarding “Alternatives to detention” from various European countries: Romania, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and Germany. Also relevant European Institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission-DG Justice took part in the programme, as well as professors from the Universities of Lausanne, Bucharest, Glasgow, Greifswald, Ulster, Timisoara and The Netherlands.

Presentations and summary

Summary conference on alternatives to detention Bucharest 2016

Plenary sessions

Speech Alina Barbu Legislative reform and the role of alternative to detention

Presentation Tim Chapman Radicalsiation and Restoration

Presentation by Christine Morgenstern Common wisdom? European norms and values for offender supervision

Presentation by the EC Pre-trial detention in the EU

Presentation Marcelo Aebi ‘Have community sanctions and measures widened the net of European criminal justice systems?’

Presentation by Ioan Durnescu State of implementation Framework Decisions

Presentation Fergus McNeill The future of probation Europe


Presentation Elly Westerbeek Looking beyond a case

Presentation by Kriminalomsorgen The Norwegian Drug Court Model

Presentation by Dutch Probation Service

Presentation by Gail McGreevy Changing lives app

Swedish Prison and Probation Service Technology in the process of alternatives to detention

Presentation by Frank Philippart and Angèle Geerts CJSW

Presentation by Generalitat de Catalunya on the Women workshop

Presentation by Jana Spero Working with offenders having ptsd

Presentation by NOMS Problem Solving Court

Presentation Laura Cotter Are the Needs of Adult Offenders with Mental Health Difficulties being met in Prison and on Probation?

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