On 9th March 2023 – 42 Directors General and Senior managers of Probation services from 22 EU MS joined the fifth online meeting for Directors General and senior managers took place, entitled ¨Gender equality in Probation organizations¨.

The aim of the meeting was to share knowledge and experiences on this important matter with a focus on the three topics: what does it mean to promote gender equality in an organization and how to embrace and implement a gender sensitive approach, CEP actions on improving gender equality and the perspective from a female Director General of Probation.

The presentations can be downloaded below:

Ms. Berta Vall, Research and Development Manager, European Network for Work with Perpetrators (WWP EN) – Setting up the scene – How to promote gender equality in a Probation organization

Professor Ioan Durnescu, University of Bucharest, Romania – CEP Audit  – Gender equality focused

Ms. Danijela Mrhar Prelic, Director General of Probation, Republic of Slovenia – Being a female Director General in a Probation organization.


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