During the 12th CEP Electronic Monitoring conference in Helsinki, Finland and was jointly organised with the Prison and Probation Service of Finland (former Criminal Sanctions Agency of Finland). CEP organised a charity lottery for No Fixed Abode NGO – Vailla Vakinaista Asuntoa Ry (VVA RY) and raised 2500 euros.

No Fixed Abode is an NGO with the aim of reducing homelessness and improving the services of homeless people. The organisation works together with its service users to find appropriate housing solutions for everyone as well as influence Finnish housing policies together with other stakeholders.

The purpose of all activities of the Vailla Vakinaista Asuntoa ry is to make sure that everyone will find a decent place to live within a reasonable time.

During the conference, Sanna Tiivola (Executive Manager, No Fixed Abode) received the cheque and thanked all the people who donated to the organisation.

The donation was used for the low threshold services of No Fixed Abode and their Vepa day centre, which are aimed at everyone who is homeless or threatened with homelessness. The donation was used to directly help the homeless people, by serving breakfast, two warm meals, coffee, tea, bread, and snacks, providing laundry services, and the possibility to use a computer and a phone for running errands.

Vepa´s services are open for everyone regardless of the place of domicile, nationality or the status of the residence permit. People can get in while intoxicated, but substance use is prohibited in our services. At the day centre Vepa people can rest, spend time, have our peer workers to talk with and get guidance to receive suitable services. Besides everyday meals and laundry services, at Vepa day centre people can reserve an appointment with their housing counsellor, to get in contact with a floating support worker or an immigrant specialist. Vepa is run by peer workers. No Fixed Abode was founded by the homeless themselves. Today Vepa still have 40 % of their staff who have experienced homelessness.

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