On the 24th of September 2019, the annual Expert Meeting on the Framework Decisions 947 and 829 took place in the Irish Institute in Leuven, Belgium. The aim of the meeting was to exchange knowledge regarding the Framework Decisions on the transferring of probation sentences within Europe and to improve the implementation.


Since the last Expert Meeting in September 2018, CEP has worked hard on the actions that were agreed upon during this meeting. A questionnaire was send out and an analysis was made. CEP also produced the final version of a leaflet for the offenders, an informative guideline for probation officers and an animation video about the framework decisions on probation. Together with the analysis on the questionnaire, these were presented during the meeting by CEP Policy Officer Maria Lindström.


Tony Marguery’s presentation was about the interpretation of the Framework decision 2008/947. The participants found mutual recognition and trust an important topic for the improvement of the execution of the Framework Decisions.

The final presentations were held by Esther Montero Pérez de Tudela and Ioan Durnescu. They updated the participant on the PONT project that was launched last year. Ioan Durnescu presented the e-manual they created. The manual aims at facilitating the training for competent authorities and probation staff on implementing FD 947 and 829. Do you want to see the two final presentations about the PONT project? This are the full versions:

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