In order to enhance the use of the Council of Europe Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA and Framework Decision 2009/829/JHA (FDs, in short), the European Commission through DG Justice Grants decided to fund the project Probation Observatory. Network and Training (PONT), initiated by the University of Bucharest, in partnership with University Loyola Andalucía, University of Latvia, Ministry of Justice Bremen and the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).

The objectives of the project for the next two years are to offer training to the competent authorities on the two FDs and to create a sustainable network of experts in this field.

Literature and Training

To this end, the project team will conduct a thorough literature review, covering academic papers, grey literature and previous training content. At the same time, based on questionnaires and interviews, they will run a training gap analysis aiming at identifying the training needs of the competent authorities and probation staff in relation to the FDs.

Based on the training gap analysis and the literature review, they will elaborate a comprehensive training platform and deliver training to at least 60 representatives of the competent authorities and probation staff from at least twelve jurisdictions.

As the training will be conducted in a training of trainers fashion, it is expected that the trainees will become resources (trainers and experts) for their own jurisdictions and the surrounding areas.

Please visit the PONT website for more information about the project.


One of the main project deliverables is an online e-manual on the implementation of the Framework Decisions 829 and 947. The manual can be downloaded here.

Final Conference

On Friday 12th February 2021 the final conference of the project took place online. More than 100 participants from various European jurisdictions came together to listen to presentations from experts and to learn about the project results and deliverables.

There were also small group sessions in which people could actively engage in discussions and give input on solutions and proposals concerning (the use of) Framework Decisions 829 and 947.

The event’s presentations can be downloaded below.

Presentation CrossBES project

Presentation Adriano Martufi

Presentation Stefano Montaldo

PONT final conference agenda

PONT project results

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