Victim Support Europe has a 30-year history of fighting for victims’ rights. As we are approaching 22 February, the European Day for Victims of Crime, they launched their new campaign #OneVoiceOneCause, that calls for everyone to continue to strive to improve the situation of victims. 

“The campaign is designed to encourage people everywhere in the EU to learn about victims’ rights, to give victims a platform to speak out about issues they are going through and advance the implementation of the EU Victims Rights Directive adopted by EU  leaders  in 2012  to  ensure  that  victims  across  European  borders  have  equal  access  to support  services.    We  are  grateful  to  campaign  partners  for  their  spirit  of collaboration in helping Victim Support Europe reach diverse audiences”, says Levent Altan, Executive Director of Victim Support Europe.

A  new  social  media campaign launched by Victim Support Europe calls on the Member States, EU institutions, civil society and  victims’  rights  activists to continue to strive to improve the situation of victims. The #OneVoiceOneCause campaign, which kicked off with the Joint NGO Statement, backed by victims-survivors, leading EU nonprofits, victims’ rightsadvocates and activists across the EU who are sharing their voices and stories as well as the challenges and  achievements in the implementation of the major EU victims’ rights law -The EU Victims’ Rights Directive. CEP’s Secretary General Willem van der Brugge signed the statement last week.

He states “The 2012/29/EU Victims’ Rights Directive is an important legal instrument establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime in EU member states. It establishes important procedural provisions, such as the right to be heard, understand and be understood; and the right to receive information, to make a complaint and to access support services. Since the introduction of the ‘Victims Directive’ CEP has supported its implementation by regularly addressing the topic in its newsletter and at various conferences and workshops. But also by working closely together with relevant European organisations who are active in supporting victims of crime like the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) and of course Victim Support Europe  (VSE). More and more we notice that Probation Services in Europe are implementing restorative justice practices into daily probation practice. However, we must continue to work on raising awareness of the rights of victims. In that sense CEP endorses the #OneVoiceOneCause campaign for the European Day for Victims of Crime.”

The action week is from the 17th of February until the 22nd.

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