Annie Devos (CEP President) and Prof. Ioan Durnescu (European Strategies Consulting, Romania)

At the EUTEx final event ”Breaking the Cycle: Advancing Disengagement and Reintegration of Terrorist and Extremist Offenders” in Vienna, on 19 June 2023, CEP President Annie Devos took participated in the panel discussion focused on future challenges for prison and probation in the context of violent extremism.

The EUTEx final event and conference marks the final stage of our 18 months of dedicated work.

It is the culmination of their research in which we produced a comprehensive and specialised training course for psychologists, social workers and educators in prison and probation services working with extremist or terrorist offenders and an enhanced risk assessment tool which can be used for monitoring, disengagement and reintegration purposes.

During this event, They offered an exclusive opportunity to gain an inside look at the course and tool, accompanied by expert assessments from esteemed European institutions focused on prison and probation. In addition, a keynote speech by Prof. Peter Neumann with invaluable insights into current and future challenges pertaining to extremism and terrorism, directly impacting our work with terrorist and violent extremist offenders.

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