Call for nominations – CEP Expert Group on Violent Extremism

We are looking for a new colleague/expert interested to join the CEP Expert Group on Violent Extremism. The deadline to send your nomination is 15 September 2023.


As of December 2016, the CEP Expert Group on Violent Extremism has worked together to exchange information and knowledge on radicalisation, violent extremism, post-release treatment, share good practices, reflect on the latest developments and trends, provide expertise and advice as well as participate in the CEP events focused on the topic of radicalisation and violent extremism.

Over the years, CEP with its expert group and members contributed to various projects regarding the topic (HELP, Prepare, DERAD) as well as it launched a series of 8 vodcasts – online video interviews with experts working in the field of deradicalization and rehabilitation in Europe, which were created by Mr. Robert Örell (co-chair EU RAN Rehabilitation Working Group, Sweden) and Prof. Ioan Durnescu (University of Bucharest, Romania) in cooperation with CEP – within the framework of the CoE HELP project.

The expert meetings ensure a certain in-depth information and knowledge exchange. Therefore the number of participants is limited and the setting is considered more or less informal. The CEP strives to create a differentiated group of experts from various fields such as ministries, probation services, prison services, judiciary and academics.

The meetings take place annually. More about the work of the group can be found on CEP website.


The Expert Group consists of 8 members and the membership takes 2 years (starting in 2023) with a possible extension for another 2 years. We are looking for a steady member of the Expert Group that will be part of the team and bring new knowledge, expertise, experience, and will, at the same time, be committed to the work of the Expert Group.

Travel and accommodation costs for participating in the face-to-face meeting once a year are reimbursed by CEP. Other costs related to the Expert Group shall be borne by the Expert Group member’s organization.

Basic criteria
  • CEP membership (full, individual, associate) or in case you are not a CEP member the recommendation letter from the CEP member is required;
  • a CV (preferably Europass format), a short letter of motivation (150 words maximum) and if possible, a recommendation letter from your organization (150 words max);
  • expertise in the field of radicalisation and violent extremism.
The responsibilities of expert group members are to:
  • attend and participate the expert group meetings (face-to-face or online);
  • represent their jurisdiction on the topic of the expert group and benefit from broader European knowledge and expertise;
  • stay updated on the latest trends on the topic of the expert group and actively contribute to the development, implementation and optimization of the action plan during and in between the meetings;
  • work between meetings to produce a specific common outcome such as guidelines, mapping, among others – if needed;
  • contribute to the professional development in the given topic;
  • share knowledge, expertise, and information within their own jurisdiction;
  • develop their professional skills and expertise;
  • contribute to the development of specific topic-related events within the CEP work programme (webinars, workshops, conferences).

Please note that in the composition of an expert group aspects such as geography, gender, background and other relevant aspects shall be taken into consideration.

Deadline to submit your nomination

If you are interested in becoming a member of this Expert Group please submit a nomination on behalf of your jurisdiction/organization by 15 September 2023 on

For any additional questions please contact Ms. Mirka Jakesova.

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