The Third World Congress on Probation has been a fabulous and successful event. Excellent presentations and plenary speakers sharing practices, critical analyses and possible solutions to the complex challenges in the use of community-based sanctions worldwide. The support, location visits, cultural events and hospitality extended throughout The Third World Congress on Probation by our Japanese hosts have been outstanding.

The inspiring examples of the community engagement, volunteer ethos and belief in everyone’s capacity to change that imbues probation in Japan and Asian neighbours will long remain with visitors and will, hopefully, inspire and influence how we work with people and communities.

Some facts

After The Second World Congress on Probation in Los Angeles, the organisation in Japan started working on the next edition immediately. Six Japanese organisations had the honor to organise this years edition: the Japan Ministry of Justice, United Nations and Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, also known as UNAFEI, Japan Rehabilitation Aid Association, The National Federation of Volunteer Probation Officers, The National Association of Offenders Rehabilitation Services, Japanese Association of Offenders Rehabilitation.

They asked the CEP, APPA, Dr. Porporino and three Japanese scholars to serve as their programme advisory members.

A total of 368 people attended the congress, they came from 38 countries. 175 of them came from Japan and 193 participants traveled from all over the world to attend the congress. 56 participants came from 16 countries in Europe.

A probation family

Above all, The World Congress has been a great opportunity to meet old and new friends, strengthen networks and develop relationships in the great world ‘family’ of probation! We learn, share and grow together, building strong and valued relationships to work smarter and better for our communities and people

Great credit, many thanks and sincere appreciation is due to our Japanese hosts for their welcome, excellent organisation and generous spirit which has made The World Congress a very successful and most enjoyable congress. Next stop: The Fourth World Congress on Probation in Sydney in 2019, the family continues to grow and share!

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