Some probation organisations in Europe work with volunteers that help the fulltime probation officers or take the low impact cases. But how do you implement a network of volunteers into your organisation? Clinks, an organisation that supports the voluntary sector in criminal justice, conducted a project named Justice Involving Volunteers in Europe (JIVE) and produced a research report and a good practice guide that exactly tells you how to do this! 

The JIVE project has compared volunteer programmes in six EU countries, looking at volunteer management, recruitment, training and support practices in the justice system. This practical guide provides key insights into how to develop, implement and evaluate volunteer programmes in the criminal justice sector in Europe. It includes information about common practices throughout Europe, simple instructions on how to deliver the most effective programmes and examples of previous programmes.

The JIVE project started in April 2014 and was concluded in March 2016. It was funded by the European Commission. Clinks established a partnership between eight organisations in Europe working in the criminal justice sector:

  • BRIK Institute, University of Bremen
  • Aproximar
  • Foundation 180
  • Penal Justice Reform Foundation
  • Grado
  • BAGazs
  • Cooperativa Sociale Cellarius

The guide takes you through the process of developing a volunteer program in your organisation step by step. Click here to read the good practice guide. You can find the project report here. 

You can find more information on the project on the Clinks website.

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