More than 200 participants from over 30 countries came together last week to discuss the important issue of the use of Electronic monitoring within the field of Criminal Justice, especially Probation and Human rights. 

During the 3-day conference, interesting presentations from a wide variety of participants and nationalities learned more about the ethical and political difficulties some individuals and countries may have with Electronic Monitoring as a penal measure, and also learned about how some of the dangers and difficulties may be overcome.  Best practices on the use of Electronic Monitoring were shared in workshops. Interesting discussions in the working groups helped to set the use of Electronic Monitoring in the context of Human Rights. There was a lot of opportunity to meet and talk with peers and exchange information and best practices.  And also to meet representatives from the private sector and learn more about the technical possibilities.

Organizers, sponsors and participants consider this 9th conference on Electronic Monitoring again as a success. Some reactions:

it was a really excellent conference – you did a great job!”

“It was an excellent conference with good speakers and a good discussion in groups and workshops”

“the conference was very pleasant because of its organization and multiple countries representing presence”

“It was a great experience to be a part of this conference.

“We all need to grasp golden opportunities like this, to ensure that the benefit we get from this conference continues to add value to all of our own daily practice and particularly in how we deal with the use of Electronic Monitoring Regarding Human Rights.”

Also a very encouraging response from a representative from the private sector:

“I used to say “We are one of those companies who don’t like their customers (Offenders)”, but this conference made me think beyond, at the end of the day offenders are human beings. This conference opens up a new door for me to think from their perspective. The solutions we make should be thought of their day to day practical and social impact on their way of life.”

The 10th CEP conference on Electronic Monitoring will be in Latvia in 2016.


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