From 27th until 29th May the first Technology in Corrections (TIC) conference took place in Barcelona (Spain), hosted by the Justice Department, government of Catalonia and jointly organized by CEP, EuroPris and ICPA. The event was a big success with just over 200 delegates from 34 different countries, attending to think and share their views on the role that technology could play in the future world of prison and probation.

The conference offered a platform for both public and private sector participants to have discussions on three themes:  Offender Management, Improving Operational Security and Offender Participation. 11 companies presented their solution and entered into a dialogue with the participants to increase the understanding of their solution to the challenge.

Technology in the hands of businessmen


TIC programme

Plenary – Victoria Knight

Plenary – Lourens Visser

Eric Le Goff Abilis

Tom Gilgan Track Group

Kevin Skipper Southern Folger

Martin Slijkhuis Microsoft

Joost van der Burg Accenture

Omer Shechter 3M

Fred Roesel Marquis Software

Anne Pike The Open University

Anne Pike II

Benny Goedbloed E-Bo Enterprises

Rob Hollander Themis

Diana Atchison Core Systems

A short movie with reactions to the conference can be found here.

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