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On 19th October the 14th CEP General Assembly took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Delegates from almost all CEP member countries came together and were informed about the past and future activities, finances, statute changes and membership issues. Also, the new President, Vice-Presidents and Board members were chosen. Gerry McNally spoke his last words as CEP President and handed his position over to Mrs. Annie Devos from Belgium who was delighted and honoured to pick up this role. After that Willem van der Brugge gave a short speech as departing Secretary General and handed it over to Ms. Jana Špero.

In the afternoon the conference on Human Rights and Ethics in Probation started. Participants from 35 different countries attended several plenary sessions and workshops on various topics and exchanged experiences during the breaks and social event. During the dinner on the evening of 19th October, the CEP awards ceremony took place. For the 5 categories (Rehabilitation in the Community, Social Inclusion, Public Protection, Development of National Probation Services and Research) the winners received their awards while a short piece of music typical for their country was played.

The event finished Thursday afternoon with workshops, plenaries and a short summary and closing words of the new CEP Secretary General Jana Špero.



Workshop A – Fair chances, equal rights

Workshop B – Psychological support in probation

Workshop C – Diversity Management

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