Webinar on Alternatives to Pre-trial detention 

Pre-trial detention and its replacement by broader use of alternatives have been, explicitly or implicitly, on CEP´s and EU agenda for several years and in many contexts. The Covid-19 Pandemic impacted the number of detainees for a short period of time, nevertheless, the overuse of pre-trial detention is a public policy concern capable of causing different dysfunctions of the criminal justice system which can, in turn, undermine the rule of law and lead to various breaches of human rights.  

In general, there are 22% of detainees in Europe not serving their final sentence. CEP realizing the importance works with its members, partners and the EC to support the implementation of alternatives to pre-trial and further advocate for probation services to take on a more important role in ensuring that through the supervision, guidance and assistance, the individual rights of those concerned and the community safety considerations are properly balanced.  

On Monday 25 September 2022 CEP organized a webinar on the topic of alternatives to pre-trial detention with presentations relating to the practice in Belgium delivered by Dr. Eric Maes and Dr. Alexia Jonckheere, an overview of the central tenets of the ECHR’s case law delivered by Dr. Kresimir Kamber and a normative appraisal of (non-custodial) alternatives to PTD under European law delivered by Mr. Adriano Martufi.  

  1. The use of alternatives to pre-trial detention- Dilemmas and challenges, Dr. Eric Maes and Dr. Alexia Jonckheere (Federale Overheidsdienst Justitie)
  2. Alternatives to pre-trial detention in the ECHR case law, Dr Krešimir Kamber (ECHR)
YouTube recording


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