On the 28th of February 2018, CEP organised an Expert Workshop on Radicalisation and Probation. The workshop was kindly hosted by Maison de Justice in Brussels, Belgium. It was a successful day with a great variety of speakers and 33 attendees from 19 countries. The meeting was organised to share knowledge and experiences about radicalisation in probation. The importance of knowledge sharing was emphasised by CEP President Gerry McNally at the end of the workshop: “Together we can achieve more than alone”. 

The workshop was kicked-off by Annie Devos, CEP Vice-President and Director-General of Maison de Justice. She welcomed all the participants to Brussels and the Expert Workshop on Radicalisation and Probation.

The programme started with a series of presentations held by experts in the field of radicalisation from different countries: Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The presentations were followed by a World Café. Five groups discussed a topic related to radicalisation, like assessment, offender management, interventions and best practice. These groups were guided by a chair that takes notes. At the end of all the discussions the outcomes were gathered. At the end of the day three projects regarding radicalisation, in which CEP is involved, were also presented.


Presentation Ioan Durnescu ‘Radicalisation and violent extremism. What we know up to now?’

This video is an interview with Maajid Nawaz, who was used as an example in Ioan Durnescu’s presentation:

Presentation Annie Devos, Belgium

Presentation Carl Beckers, Belgium

Presentation Martin Lardén, Sweden

Presentation Shellie Adams, UK

Presentation Oriana Larashi and Virginie Nouaille, France

This is an attachement to the presentation by Oriana Larashi and Virginie Nouaille:

French programme sheet

Presentation Daniel Wolter, Germany

Presentation Tina Jörleman, Germany


DERAD presentation by Alessandra Viviano

LIAISE Presentation by Juan Cristellys and Saray Valdivieso

PREPARE Presentation by Juan Cristellys and Saray Valdivieso

All the pictures that were taken during the workshop are available on our Facebook page.



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