On the 6th and 7th of December 2017, CEP and EuroPris held a workshop on mental health issues in prison and probation. This workshop was kindly hosted by the Irish Probation Service. We are looking back on a successful event where practitioners and experts were able to share their knowledge.

European prison and probation services nowadays are faced with large numbers of mentally ill people. The reduction of community mental health services all over Europe over the past several decades has led to the criminalisation of the mentally ill. The prevalence of various mental health problems among prisoners and probationers is considerably higher than in the community.

The CEP and EuroPris workshop Mental Health in Prison and Probation addressed recent mental health care research as well as delivery of different kind of treatments in correctional settings. During the workshop sessions participants were asked to exchange ideas and discuss challenges of chronic and emerging issues.

Presentations Mental Health Workshop

Plenary Sessions

Presentation Harry Kennedy ‘Ethics of treatment in correctional services’

Presentation Sofie van Roeyen ‘Desistance capital of people with mental illness who offended’

Presentation Seena Fazel ‘The role of mental illness in recidivism’ 

Presentation Margaret Griffin and Kim McDonnell ‘The Probation Service Mental Health Policy and Practice’

Presentation Enda Kelly ‘Mental Health Management in the Irish Prison Service’

Presentation Jaap van Vliet ‘Treatment in forensic care centers in The Netherlands’

Presentation Ronan Mullaney ‘Structure of Forensic Psychiatric Services in Ireland’

Presentation Peter Neuteleers ‘Forensic psychiatric care centers in Belgium’

Group Sessions

Presentation Vicenç Tort-Herrando ‘Prisoners with intellectual disabilities’

Presentation Mari-Liis Mägi ‘Rehabilitation of offenders with cognitive impairment in Estonia’

Presentation Anna Ferrari The therapeutic treatment of mentally ill offenders and their return into the community’

Presentation Twylla Cunningham ‘Enhanced Combination Orders’

Presentation Geraldine O’Hare ‘Mental Health Problem Solving Courts’

Presentation Carine Lewis ‘The offender personality disorder program’

Presentation Conor O’Neill ‘Continued care model – practice and data collection’

Presentation Hans Hulsbos ‘Collection of datadiagnosis and functioning of treatment’

Presentation ‘Tim Kirkpatrick & Lynne Callaghan ‘Supporting offender mental health from prison to the community: Approaches and challenges from two UK studies’

Presentation Coral Sirdifield and Rebecca Marples ‘Creating Effective Mental Health Provision for Offenders in the Community’

Presentation Carla Pragosa ‘Suicide Prevention Programs and Strategies’

Presentation Lena Lundholm ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) frontline – experience from Sweden’

Presentation Jana Špero ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’


Report Mental Health in Prison and Probation Workshop

More pictures are available on the CEP Facebook page.

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