I have learnt much from my teachers, more from my colleagues, and most from my students’

Rabi Hanina

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our personal and social life. Some will change back to the ‘old normal’ but others will continue to exist even after the pandemic will be over. One of these resilient changes will be, in our opinion, the way people understand the learning and professional growth. For us, it become clear that continuous learning is not always linked to traditional academic structures or only to what employers provide for their staff. To us, continuous training has to be a natural part of the existence of any professional. It has to be at least partly a personal responsibility.

That is why we are keen to continue the experience of the International Training School on Core Correctional Skills by bringing together enthusiastic participants and distinguished speakers. Our special guest for the 2nd edition is Fergus McNeill, Professor of Criminology and Social Work at the University of Glasgow.

 During one week of intensive training, we will be able to refresh and update the core skills for the more experienced correctional staff while providing the new comers with a solid and cutting-edge starting point.

Thus, core correctional skills (such as relationship skills, pro-social modeling, problem solving, motivational interviewing and cognitive restructuring) will be developed taking into account the basics but also the most up to date and evidence-based practices.

For instance, building up the working alliance will cover issues such as clarifying the role or socializing into the role, empathy, dealing with resistance and so on but will also look into how to deal with power imbalance, how to maximize choices, how to ensure co-production and how to maintain and develop working alliance in a digital world.

We are strong believers in modern learning approaches. Therefore, we will use flip learning and other adult learning concepts to enhance not only the understanding of those skills but also their use in real-life situations. In this respect, role-play and coaching will stay at the heart of our learning approach.

As we are aware that the fast changes that took place in the last few years placed huge pressure on correctional staff and challenging their coping skills, we have introduced for this year edition a new theme: resilience and burnout.

This event has passed.Click here for the recap.


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