ICPA is looking for European contributions to their semi-annual Advancing Corrections Journal. The theme of the 7th edition is “Giving Focus to Community Corrections: Learning from and with our Stakeholders”. Articles need to be submitted before the 15th of February 2019. 

For this Edition, ICPA welcomes both evidence and practice-informed discussions of how the various benefits of Community Corrections have been (or can be) achieved. They want to explore the variety of sanctions, settings, and treatments encompassed under the ‘community corrections’ umbrella and provide examples of successful programs, including examples of public-private partnerships and other collaborative efforts that have overcome obstacles and inertia in implementation of community corrections.

There are three sections to which you can contribute as an author. The first one is the featured research section. These articles are more research oriented and less based on practice. The second is about views and reviews. This section contains shorter and thoughtful discussions of a particularly relevant or emerging issue/topic.The final section is practice innovation in corrections. ICPA wants the authors to profile what is going on in a given agency/jurisdiction that is especially innovative and can be of interest broadly to others. Papers should be respectful of evidence but they should be written in a way that appeals to practitioners.

Besides the article, you should also deliver a summary of how your paper specifically relates to the overall theme. Articles can be between 7 and 15 pages long, although lengthier research-oriented manuscripts or reviews may be considered based on merit. Whenever appropriate, papers should include referencing of other related scholarly work, though it is emphasized that Advancing Corrections is not intended as an academic publication.

Submit your paper via email to Frank Porporino, Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Network and Editor of Advancing Corrections (fporporino@rogers.com) and Communications Officer, Aleksandar Petrov, at the ICPA Head Office (aleksandarpetrov@icpa.ca).

For more information read the ICPA call for papers. And visit the ICPA website for the older editions of the Advancing Corrections Journal.

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