It has been a few busy weeks for CEP. Jana Špero, CEP Secretary General and Iuliana Cărbunaru, CEP Vice-President moderated the Council of Europe Multilateral Meeting „Recruitment, Training and Professional Development of Prison and Probation Staff Implementing Penal Sanctions and Measures“ at Council of Europe Palais, Strasbourg.

Jana presented CEP and its activities during the meeting, highlighting ones connected with the Council of Europe(CoE).

The meeting covered several topics regarding the recruitment, training and development of prison and probation staff from European and national perspectives. Danijela Mrhar-Prelić, CEP Board Member, presented a Slovenian national perspective related to the meeting topic. The meeting also covered different CoE cooperation projects and information regarding the CoE Programme of Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP); CPT findings and recommendations relevant to staff recruitment, training and development and the European Court of Human Rights relevant case law.

Jana Špero (CEP Secretary General), Annie Devos, (CEP President), Iuliana Cărbunaru (CEP Vice-President) and Danijela Mrhar-Prelić (CEP Board member)


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