Keep your #EYESOPEN! Today, Jana Spero, CEP Secretary General is taking part in the High-level meeting of the EU Victims’ Rights Platform at the Berlaymont Building in Brussels. The meeting will focus on the EU Strategy on Victims’ Rights (2020-2025) and discuss what still needs to be done. Commissioner, Didier Rynders, opened the meeting. As a proud member of the EU Victims’ Rights Platform, CEP is committed to supporting the rights of victims across Europe.

The Victims’ Rights campaign: Keep your #EYESOPEN! is an awareness-raising campaign that aims to promote victims’ rights and raise awareness about the impact of crime on victims. The campaign encourages people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, as well as to support and advocate for victims of crime. The hashtag #EYESOPEN is used to spread the message on social media and raise awareness about the campaign.
Go to the website:!3FqMr7

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