The EU funded project STREAM (Strategic Targeting of Recidivism through Evaluation and Monitoring) run its final conference from  22 to 23 October in Malta. 90 delegates from 24 countries travelled to Malta to join the STREAM conference and learn about the state of the art research and evaluation on probation.

The final conference was dedicated to share the knowledge and experience produced during the biannual EU project.  Speakers included Professor Friedrich Losel, Professors Robert Canton and Jean Hine from De Montfort University (UK), Professor Joanna Shapland from Sheffield University (UK) and CEP board member Dr. Ioan Durnescu from Association of Schools and Social Work (Romania).

An important output of the STREAM project is a practical tool for measuring the effectiveness of interventions: the STREAM evaluation website. The website can be used as a step by step guide for someone who as little or no experience of undertaking or commissioning evaluation, or as a source of guidance on new techniques or examples of evaluations undertaken and instruments developed elsewhere for those who are more experienced. The website is to be online soon. CEP will keep you posted!

STREAM is a major European research project, involving criminal justice agencies, ministries and universities in several European countries. STREAM intends to disseminate knowledge about effective practice, how its implementation can be directed and how results can be identified. An evaluation toolkit along with recommendations to assist services identifying factors to achieve results will enhance effectiveness of interventions and build more efficient correctional services. This will support organizations in evaluating outcomes including the effects of human and social capital and measure frequency of reoffending. The guidance and recommendations aim to facilitate sharing of research and effective practice whilst remaining sufficiently flexible to accommodate diverse populations, culture and context across EU criminal justice.

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