The Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention (IKSP) is a research organization within the justice department, founded by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. It is the only specialized institution in the Czech Republic that is systematically concerned with criminological research. Its activities consist of research and analysis in the areas of criminology, criminal law, penal and security policy, and crime control. Additional main research topics are also sanction policy and penology, including alternative sanctions, or victimology.

The key component of the IKSP activity is conducting original criminological research that systematically provides new findings, which contribute to the advancement of theoretical knowledge within the field, but also to the creation of specific political, legislative, organizational, situational, and other measures related to the penal policy. The IKSP is also involved in numerous other activities, such as providing informational sources to the Ministry of Justice, Probation and Mediation Service, Prison Service, and other governmental entities and institutions. Additionally, the IKSP proposes political, legislative, and organizational measures in connection to the country’s criminal policy, organizes conferences and other events, and participates in the domestic and international professional communities. IKSP researchers are involved in the training of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, and correctional staff, and in teaching criminology curricula at the Czech universities.

The dissemination of the IKSP findings and other information occurs through self-publishing editions of professional literature. The findings of the original IKSP research are published in the “STUDIES” series. These publications always include summaries of the findings in English.

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