On 10 and 11 June 2024 Prague hosted the CEP Workshop on Working with Communities and Awareness Raising in Probation with more than 45 participants from 16 European countries. Colleagues from PR and communication departments, head of probation services, representatives of Ministries of Justice, probation practitioners, representatives of both local and international NGOs, and researchers participated in this interactive event that focused on the importance of putting the probation in the spotlight not only from criminal justice partners but also from the community and media.

“The Czech Republic is one of the most punitive nations in Europe and the world.” – Eva Krulichova

“We are not powerless a quote to commemorate the European Day for Crime Victims” – Andrea Matoušková

“Prison is a mirror of society” – Michal Chroscielewski

The workshop touched upon a variety of topics from different perspectives. Researches on the public opinion on probation and its outcomes were presented, projects, initiatives and activities taken by the probation organisations to raise awareness on what the essence of probation is, a necessity to link with various stakeholders, not closing and stepping outside the comfort zone. The role of NGOs and its crucial place within the criminal justice system by providing additional services and working alongside probation organisations in order to fulfil the gap in the services missing.

“You are ambassadors of the probation services” – Vesna Zelić Ferenčić,

The sun needs to grow and the same applies to probation organisations so lets go for it.



Report will be published soon.

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