7-8 March the Criminal Justice Crossover Training in The Hague took place. The event, organised by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC),  EuroPristhe European Penitentiary Training Academies Network (EPTA) and the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), successfully brought together professionals from the prison, probation, and restorative justice fields.

Secretary General Jana Spero provided an informative opening speech, outlining CEP’s role within the Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) and setting expectations for the training. Participants, affiliated with EuroPris, CEP, and EFRJ, engaged in discussions on common topics in the training field, emphasizing the need for cooperation between prisons, probation, and restorative practices.

Jana Spero


A synthesizing session was led by Jana Spero. The session involved the development of country-specific action plans: participants crafted plans for their jurisdictions, presenting them to the plenary. The practical nature of the exercise highlighted the importance of organizing similar events in the future.

CEP Policy and Liaison Officer Anna Esquerrà Roqueta and CEP Board Member Daniel Danglades facilitated workshop session 1. They focused on mapping shared themes and challenges for joint trainings. Practical exercises, including small group discussions and prioritization activities, helped identify common and critical training topics for the three areas of the criminal justice chain: probation, restorative justice and prison. The session provided a platform for professionals to exchange perspectives on individual and collaborative work, enriching the overall learning experience.

Daniel Danglades and Anna Esquerrà


CEP acknowledges the positive outcomes of the Criminal Justice Crossover Training in The Hague. The exchange of ideas, collaborative planning, and identification of shared challenges have laid the groundwork for continued cooperation among professionals in the criminal justice system.




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