The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (CJPE) is a partnership with two other network organisations, EFRJ and EuroPris, engaging in a non-statutory collaboration. The three organisations together are equally represented in the CJPE. Each of them have a wide membership of organisations from across Europe comprising public authorities, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and individual experts. The Ministry of Justice in Catalonia supports the Platform and provides meeting and administration resources in the Centre for Legal Studies, Barcelona.

The start

All three organisations have a different focus in the criminal justice chain: probation, prisons and restorative justice. In 2011 it was decided to explore the value and commitment to cooperate on issues that are of relevance for all three organisations. As a result CJPE chose the implementation of the EU Victims Directive as one of the main shared points of attention and started its joint work in 2012.


  • To provide for effective cooperation of the three CJPE organisations by:
  1. Learning from good practice and what works;
  2. Sharing events, evidence and resources;
  3. Ensuring effective representations to European bodies, in particular: European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe.
  • To develop a joint understanding of the chain of needs and responsibilities;
  • To have a commitment to shared human rights values;
  • To increase respect and understanding for each other’s work;
  • To become a sustainable European network organisation.


  • Implementing EU Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, protection and support of victims of crime, including restorative justice arrangements;
  • Focusing on issues relating to the implementation of EU Framework Decisions 909, 829 and 947;
  • Preventing Radicalisation;
  • Addressing joint issues in the field of Drug treatment, Family relations, Mental health and Rehabilitation;
  • Sharing information and knowledge between the three organisations and their members;
  • Advising European institutions on future direction and initiatives from the practitioners point of view;
  • Making benefits of joint work and thinking visible.