On the 4th of December, the 3rd CEP Violent Extremism Expert Meeting in took place in Paris, France. The meeting was attended by 19 delegates that represented seven jurisdictions. The meeting was organised to share knowledge and best practice about radicalisation in probation.

Professor Ioan Durnescu presented an overview of the available research on the subject of violent extremism. Six different countries (Belgium, Sweden, France, Catalonia, United Kingdom and the Netherlands) explained to the participants what kind of interventions regarding (de)radicalization and disengagement they use in their jurisdictions.

During discussions, the participants agreed that this group of offenders need al lot of extra security measures, but there is also a lot of stigmatisation around the group which makes it very hard for those that do want to chose a new path in life to reintegrate into the society.

Knowledge and best practices were actively shared and the participants enjoyed taking part in discussions and learning from each other.


Presentation Ioan Durnescu ” Violent Extremism. Deradicalization or Disengagement? Or reintegration?”

Presentation Maria Lindström Sweden

Presentation Carl Beckers Belgium

Presentation Gert van Herk Belgium

Presentation TER Team Netherlands

Presentation Liz Curwen United Kingdom

Presentation Saray Valdivieso Spain, Catalonia

Presentation Mohammed Chirani France

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