On the 10th of December, Sweden was the floor for the fourth edition of the annual Expert Meeting on the topic of violent extremism. Experts from all over Europe gathered to share their knowledge and discuss the latest developments in the field. The topic of the meeting was right wing extremism. The meeting was hosted by the regional office of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service in Stockholm.

The meeting consisted of several presentations. The first one was held by Prof. Ioan Durnescu (Romania) on the work with violent extremists in probation. Followed by Anders Forsgren (Sweden) on the experiences with this type offenders in the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and Jenniina Kotajoki (Sweden) on her experiences with extremism in Somali prisons. Robert Örell (Sweden) was the final person to give a presentation about lessons on disengagement from violent right-wing extremism.

In the afternoon the participants split up in groups to discuss the challenges and aims of the expert group, and elaborated on a specific case study.

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