The three European projects J-SAFE, MINDb4ACT and JPCOOPS have decided to join forces and organise Training of the Trainer courses covering different topics on radicalisation prevention and investigation. The courses take place in Italy, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and Malta.

A Training of the Trainers (ToT) is a 4-day face-to-face training course entirely in English, with the purpose of giving the participants the tools and knowledge they need in order to replicate the course in their own country or with any audience they want.This means that those participants interested in organizing a 1-day training course in their own country and in their own language will have the full assistance of the JPCOOPS project.

Training topics

  • Radicalisation as a relational phenomenon – To understand the complexity of radical phenomena through a multi-disciplinary approach at the EU-level.
  • Radicalisation in prison – To develop advanced and specialised competencies and abilities for LEAs, judges, prosecutors, intel agencies, lawyers and vetted NGOs working in CT/CVE to identify different types of information within radical mechanisms, classify and transmit it within the procedural justice framework at MS and EU levels as part of the counter-radicalisation measures.
  • Legal Aspects of Preventive Procedures and Agency Attributions – To differentiate procedures, their applicability and agency attributions.
  • Digital Forensics for the Prevention of Radicalisation – To improve know-how, competencies, and abilities of different LEAs, prison and justice operators to 1) detect cases of radicalisation;  2) understand the dimension of the issue and solutions to deal with it; 3) integrate digital and cyber data into the mechanisms of observation of radicalisation as part of new preventive and investigative models.
  • Exit Strategies – To develop knowledge of the new models of exit strategies applied in several EU countries in case of radicalisation, with a specific focus on the transition from prison to external life.
  • Prevention and Management of Radicalisation in Schools – To improve know-how, competencies, and abilities of school staff and local police in preventing violent radicalisation in school and eventually address cases; improve teachers and school staff capability to raise students’ awareness of radicalisation.
  • Early Intervention and Awareness at Local Level – To improve know-how, competencies, and abilities of operators to understand the phenomenon of radicalisation; improve their capabilities in early detection; train operators on the multi-agency approach.

Is the training of the trainers for you?

Do you have a background in one of the following professions?

  • Prison and probation management as a juvenile and/or adult prison guard
  • Intelligence officers and related staff active in prison environments
  • Probation officers, both for juveniles and adults
  • Prison educators
  • Judges
  • Prosecutors
  • NGOs and local welfare services specialised in rehabilitation and alternative measures to prisons
  • Prison and court experts (psychologists, criminologists, Middle-East experts, cultural mediators, etc.)

More information about the Training for the Trainers is available via their website. 

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