On 26th April 2022 the fourth online meeting for Directors General and senior managers took place, entitled  Remote supervision: future challenges and new opportunities.

The aim of the meeting was to share information and experience on the topic from the three different perspectives: researcher’s, practitioner’s and director general’s.

The participants were informed about the different understanding of what remote supervision is and how it works, whether it will (or has already become) a steady part of the probation work, what type of clients are eligible to be supervised remotely and in which cases. Also addressed were the issues of GDPR, confidentiality and discretions, the role of probation officers and special training for them, risk assessment, the technology used, have recently been a subject to discussion in many of the EU jurisdictions.

The presentations can be downloaded below:

Dr. Jane Dominey, Deputy Director of the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ms. Yvonne Morick, Bewährungs- und Gerichtshilfe Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Mr. Imants Jurevičius, Head, The State Probation Service of Latvia

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