The Confederation of European Probation (CEP) is proud to announce that Dr. Anton van Kalmthout, Mr. Leo Tigges, Dr. Mike Nellis and Dr. Rob Canton have been nominated by the CEP Board as Honorary Members of the Confederation of European Probation

An Honorary Member is a person who has made an exceptional contribution to the objectives and work of CEP and to the development of community sanctions and probation in Europe.

The nominees

Anton van Kalmthout has been working with CEP for a very long time. He has made an exceptionally important contribution as an editor of the CEP publication “Probation in Europe” which is now established as the authoritative resource on the subject. In addition, Anton has contributed to CEP and EC justice projects, expert meetings on international justice matters and also the implementation of European Framework Decisions 829/2009 (on pre-trial supervision) and  947/2008 (on the transfer of probation measures), in particular

Throughout his career, Leo Tigges has been indefatigable in his advocacy for community sanctions and probation. During his time as CEP Secretary General, between 2005 and 2012, Leo made an important contribution in raising the profile of probation, developing CEP and promoting probation as a community sanction in Europe. Leo continues to work as a valued expert supporting developments in probation across Europe and is an important contributor to new initiatives and projects.

Since CEP’s first conference on Electronic Monitoring in Europe over twenty years ago, Mike Nellis has been the ‘face’ of CEP’s conference team and the authoritative source of knowledge and critical thinking on the subject in Europe. Mike has contributed at many international conferences, expert meetings and research initiatives, generously sharing his analytical skills and expertise. The CoE recommendations on Electronic Monitoring, in particular, have benefitted from his input. Mike’s authoritative and skilled presentations have been invaluable in advising decision-makers, leading innovation and supporting quality interventions in using electronic monitoring.

Rob Canton has made a major contribution to CEP’s work, events and conferences over many years. Building on his experience as a probation officer, academic, researcher and expert author on probation topics, Rob Canton has been ‘there’ for every innovation and development in probation throughout his long career. His books, research and papers are key texts in the training and development of probation staff. Rob has been central to the drafting and ongoing development of the ground-breaking Council of Europe Probation Rules in 2010 having previously contributed to Council of Europe recommendations on community measures.

General Assembly

At the CEP General Assembly in 2019, the CEP Board will propose, for formal confirmation, Honorary CEP Membership for Anton van Kalmthout, Leo Tigges, Mike Nellis and Rob Canton, in recognition of their contribution to the objectives and work of CEP.

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