On 24 October 2023, CEP organised the fifth meeting of the Expert Network on Education and Training in Probation at the Administration générale des Maisons de Justice in Brussels, Belgium.

CEP invited key education and training leaders and representatives of probation bodies in Europe to participate in this Network meeting.

This meeting aimed at enhancing the knowledge on education and training in the field of Probation, exchanging experiences and good practices between different countries in the field of education and training, sharing recent updates in relation to both legislative developments and interventions and creating a solid expert network in the field of education and training of probation staff at European Level.

Through this meeting, CEP offered its members a platform for exchanging good practices and opportunities to approach the funding channels available from the European Commission in order to develop the implementation of training strategies for Probation professionals in Europe.



Representatives from twelve different European Jurisdictions participated at the expert network meeting. CEP also invited the following expert speakers:

Ms. Danijela Mrhar Prelic – Director General of Probation, Slovenia presenting ¨Good practice example: Education and training of Probation Staff – The Slovenian model¨

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Ms. Dianne den Hartigh – Education, training and developments policy advisor, Reclassering Netherlands, The Netherlands presenting ¨Good practice example: Dutch model

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Dr. Joep Hanrath, University of Applied Sciences – Hogeschool Utrecht, presenting and updating the CEP Research on becoming a good probation worker.
Ms. Lena Geckle – European judicial training, Directorate General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission presenting ¨European Commission – European judicial training – EU funding on Education and Training for EU members states¨.

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