EFUSEFUS, the European Forum for Urban Security, presents the result of a two-year European project: a E-learning platform on the prevention of reoffending. The module was developed in the FALPREV project, made possible by a Grundtvig funding programme within the European Commission’s Life Long Learning programme.

Methods to strengthen cooperation
In the FALPREV project, the experiences of the cities of Brasov in Romania, Le Havre in France, Belfast in Northern Ireland, Göttingen in Germany, the local Police of Valencia in Spain and SRF, a Training and research institute in Turin, Italy, were examples In the FALPREV project, the experience of the city of Brasov in Romania was an example to gather strategies of organising a wide range of local stakeholders in their joint effort to reduce reoffending. The result is a module in six languages (FR/EN/DE/IT/SP/RO) on the project’s website, that provides background knowledge and methods to strengthen cooperation between the relevant partners.

Online tools
These partners include prison, probation, local authorities and NGOs who are involved in the process of releasing a prisoner into the community and his or her reintegration into society. The learning module consists of wide range of products: short videos, documents and two animated videos, as well as examples from training sessions in the FALPREV project. Together, the website aims to provide tools to harmonise the working processes of the different partners, taking into account that these can vary significantly in their natures.

Access for CEP members
Parts of the platform are open to the public, e.g. the introduction, methods and conclusion. The full content is available to EFUS members. Through the cooperation between EFUS and CEP, access will also be granted to CEP members. Please contact the CEP Communications Officer for further information.

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