The Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) organised a workshop on effective alternatives to pre-trial and detention and post-trial imprisonment in terrorism-related cases.

The Criminal Justice Sector and Rule of Law Working Group hosted the two day workshop in February 2016 in Valetta, Malta. Co-chaired by Egypt and the United States, this Working Group focuses on the critical role the criminal justice sector plays in combating terrorism. It demonstrates the Forum’s commitment to supporting rule-of-law based and human rights compliant approaches to combating and preventing terrorism.


Participants consisting of criminal justice experts as well as policy makers reviewed examples of the most successful approaches, policies and programs that are alternatives to detention and incarceration, with a particular focus on efforts that offer support or rehabilitative services such as counselling or training.

Based on the outcome of the workshop, a draft Action Plan will be prepared.

CEP’s President Marc Céron attended the workshop and gave a presentation, that can be downloaded here.


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