During the 6th World Congress of Probation and Parole, CEP (Confederation of European Probation) and APPA (American Probation and Parole Association) renewed the Affiliation Agreement between the 2 organisations.

Affiliation Agreement was signed by CEP President Ms Annie Devos and Executive Director of APPA Ms Veronica Cunningham.

On top of the agreement to seek opportunities to work together in future, CEP and APPA agreed on Biennial Action Plan 2024-2025. Among others, the Plan predicts the organization of webinars and podcasts between U.S. states and European jurisdictions.


APPA: Willem Burerell, Julie Truschel and Veronica Cunningham, CEP: Jana Spero (CEP Secretary General), Steve Pitts (CEP Ambassador), Iuliana Carbunaru (CEP Vice President) and Annie Devos (CEP President)

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