During the 11th Electronic Monitoring Conference in Zagreb, a charity lottery was held to raise money for Vida, an organisation that focusses on the resocialisation of former addicts. Vida has been active for twelve years in the field of suppressing addiction and re-socialisation of addicts and promoting mental health. During the conference 3000 euro’s has been raised for the organisation. We are happy to announce that they have received the money and found a great destination for the donations. 

The association has abstinence-oriented programs (drug-free) and it is created to support addicts and their families. They provide support for families suffering from addiction and violence. Vida runs different programmes for early detection of addiction, motivation and they also do the organisation of referral of addicts to treatment as well as running rehabilitation programmes in therapeutic communities. Vida encourages the development of volunteering, active citizenship and social solidarity, expands education and improvement of awareness of the dangers of opiate and addiction among citizens. It cooperates with other similar associations in the country as well as abroad.

“This donation is a unique opportunity for the supply of high-quality used vehicle that will meet our needs.”

Thanks to the money that was raised during the Electronic Monitoring conference and a donation by  broadcasting station Nova TV, with the show ‘Your face sounds familiar’, the organisation is able to buy a car. They have not had a vehicle for the organisation before, the staff was using their private cars, but those are not equipped for heavy weather conditions in the mountains. This year they were cut off from their clients in a residential community, because they were not able to drive on the mountain roads.

Vida has set up a rehabilitation centre in which the former addicts from Rijeka Probation Service, the residential community for returnees from psychosocial treatment and the prison system in Lokve can come to for half a day. The locations where the activities that Vida organises are held are very far away and there is no suitable public transport available.The car will not only be used to transport the clients and staff, but also for transportation of the workshop materials or for staff to drive to, for example, a prison to give a presentation about Vida.

The prizes for the charity lottery were donated by the sponsors of the 11th Electronic Monitoring conference: TrackGroup, Attenti, SuperCom, Geosatis en G4S.

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