On 16-18 November 2016 the second CEP conference on “Alternatives to Detention in Central and Eastern European countries”, jointly organized by CEP and the Directorate for Criminal Law and Probation of the Republic of Croatia, took  place in Dubrovnik (Croatia). The aim of this event was to promote the rights of persons in conflict with the law to an alternative punishment to prison such as community sentences, and the benefits for the society and the probationers in this process.

Plenary sessions Thursday 17 November 2016 

How to ´promote´ probation

Presentation Jana Spero – How to promote probation

Presentation Imants Jurevicius – Social camping

Presentations by the individual countries (in alphabetical order of country):

Presentation Gisela Rembeci – Albania

Presentation Andrea Matouskova – Czech Republic

Presentation Imants Jurevicius – Latvia


Presentation Emilija Vasilevska – Macedonia

Presentation Ghenadie Ceban – Moldova


Presentation Simona Lazar – Romania

Presentation Danijela Mrhar Prelic – Slovenia

Presentation Oleg Yanchuk – Ukraine

Workshop sessions

Workshop A:    Training of the staff: Criminal Justice Social Work

Presentation Avans University of Applied Sciences – criminal justice social work

Workshop B:    Mass supervision in Romania: a case study

Presentation Ioan Durnescu – Mass supervision in Romania, a case study

Presentation Simona Lazar – Mass Probation

Workshop C:      Building up capacity

Presentation Stephen Pitts and Leo Tigges – Building capacity in probation

Plenary sessions Friday 18 November 2016

EU Twinning Project “Support to further development of the Probation in Croatia”

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