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The complex pathways to violence in the home

By Interventions Alliance (Dr. Kerry Ellis Devitt, Dr. David Coley, Matthew Hockly, Jess Lawrence) and Dr. Sarah Lewis (Penal Reform Solutions), United Kingdom, October 2021.

Domestic Abuse during corona

Written by Mrs. Stacey Musimbe-Rix. Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC), Research and Policy Unit.


Domestic Abuse Evidence Review

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company (KSS CRC) Research: Domestic Abuse Evidence Review, May 2020.


The Complex Pathways to Violence in the Home

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Dr Kerry Ellis Devitt
Dr David Coley
Matthew Hockley
Jess Lawrence
(Interventions Alliance)

And with freelance support from Dr Sarah Lewis
(Penal Reform Solutions)

New research project:  Domestic Violence Perpetrator programs and neurodiversity: making domestic abuse interventions more responsive to a neurodiverse population.

This new project is carried out by researcher Nicole Renehan, PdH in Criminology at the University of Manchester (UK) and expert in the field of domestic abuse.

The project seeks to explore the experiences and perspectives of professionals working in organisations that provide a DVPP element as part of their services, to identify the challenges and strengths of neuroatypical individuals, to make interventions more responsive to them.

There are two strands to the project. One involves interviewing experts from international organisations who deliver programmes and have adapted this for autistic/ADHD men. The second strand consists of a survey which will map services in the UK and Australia (in collaboration with Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon at Monash University, Melbourne) with a view to inform practice internationally.

More details about the project can be found here.