CEP participated online in the International Penitentiary Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and UNODC on June 21st in Ukraine. The event consisted of three insightful sessions, each addressing crucial aspects.

  • Session 1 shed light on the strategic direction of the penitentiary system, emphasizing minimum standards and the unprecedented challenges faced by the national system.
  • Session 2 focused on knowledge sharing, effective showcasing policies, innovative solutions, and promising practices to drive positive change in Ukraine’s penitentiary and probation services, including the remarkable “My Probation” mobile application.
  • Session 3, attention shifted towards forging strategic partnerships, exploring opportunities for cooperation, and mobilizing external support.
Rait Kuuse

During the second session, Mr Rait Kuuse, the Under-Secretary-General for Prisons and Head of the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Estonia brought his extensive expertise to the forefront. As a former CEP Board Member and representative of a CEP member country, Estonia, Rait shared insightful perspectives on reforming prisons and probation, exemplifying the Estonian approach as a guiding example.

Philipp Meissner

The event concluded with a captivating speech by Mr Philipp Meissner, the UNODC representative, further emphasizing the significance of international cooperation and strategic partnerships in advancing penitentiary systems.

View here the presentations
View here a brief about the prison service in Ukraine 


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