Jana Špero, CEP Secretary General and Gustav Tallving, EuroPris Executive Director, in an episode of the IN-CJ(International Network for Criminal Justice) podcast, as they explore the evolving landscape of leadership in the criminal justice sector. Hosted by John Scott, this insightful conversation sheds light on their experiences and reflections regarding collaboration at both the organizational and strategic levels.

In a world where criminal justice transcends borders, new technologies and a holistic approach are driving transformational change. By tuning in to this episode, you’ll gain invaluable insights from Jana Špero and Gustav Tallving, who hold leadership positions in European criminal justice support organizations.

IN-CJ is a website for people engaged in international development work in Criminal Justice. It aims to use new technologies to build new networks and it is open source.

It is available as:
video : https://youtu.be/3VTkrotgt0U

audio: https://criminaljusticenetwork.net/in-cj-podcast-039-jana-spero-and-gustav-tallving/


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