We invite you to stand alongside us in solidarity with the European Mental Health Week (13-19 May)! At CEP our commitment lies in cultivating dialogues and initiatives that prioritize mental wellness, particularly within the sphere of criminal justice.

We are excited to announce a workshop on Mental Health in Probation, on 26-27 November in Barcelona,  where we will be focusing on addressing mental health issues among probationers for better rehabilitation outcomes. The event will cover topics like resilience, trauma-informed care, and collaborative efforts among agencies. Participants will engage in interactive sessions to share knowledge and develop strategies for improved support systems.

Furthermore, we take pride in introducing CEP’s Expert Group on Mental Health, dedicated to advancing research, education, and collaboration in this critical domain.

 If you are a professional within the criminal justice system who recognizes the pivotal role of mental health in the rehabilitation and desistance processes, we urge you to mark your calendars and join us for this transformative workshop!

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