European probation services nowadays are faced with large numbers of people with mental health problems. Research has shown that the prevalence of various mental health problems among probationers is relatively high when compared to the general population. It is important to identify those who are sentenced for other crimes, but possibly have mental health problems. It is also essential that the mental health needs of people who have offended are given a higher priority in terms of service delivery, education, staff training and research because working on mental health issues is also a way of reducing crime and especially reducing recidivism.

To support all aspects of rehabilitation and at the same time treatment process there is a need for cooperation among various actors and different European Probation Services dealing with similar situations.

Through this workshop, CEP proposes approaching the problem of Mental health in the context of Probation from a multidisciplinary and multiagency scheme.

The workshop will start from a Human Rights perspective sharing the work that is being carried out by the Council of Europe. The workshop will then continue with a more specific look by analyzing mental health from the perspective of resilience, inter-agency cooperation and the role of the community, work with trauma and a gender perspective when working with clients mental health problems and will also include the staff mental health perspective.

The workshop program will have a world café session. This session will provide a context through which participants will be able to exchange in a very practical way, share visions and perspectives on working with people who have committed crimes and have mental health problems.

If you are a professional working in any area of the criminal justice system; Probation, restorative justice, prisons and or victims and think that Mental Health is a crucial element of the rehabilitation process and has a huge impact into the desistance process you will not want to miss it!


26-27 November 2024


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CEP members: 25 euro
Non-CEP members: 50 euros

Registration deadline: Up till 11 November 2024

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