In a world where media narratives often overshadow the details of criminal justice, understanding the vital role of probation and alternative sanctions is more crucial than ever. Here are five compelling reasons why you should join us at the upcoming Workshop in Prague:

1. Explore Probation Practices: Take a closer look at probation services and explore how they deal with media to explain the meaning, purpose, and objectives of probation. Discover the tips and tricks from across Europe and learn from your colleagues.

2. Challenge Stereotypes and Prejudices: In a society where misconceptions abound, learn how to challenge stereotypes surrounding probation and foster a more nuanced understanding among the public, media, and criminal justice stakeholders. Discover strategies for changing public opinion and combating ingrained biases.

3. Engage with Experts and Practitioners: Connect with probation practitioners, policy advisors, communication managers, and project leaders from across Europe. Benefit from their insights, experience, and innovative approaches to raising awareness and promoting probation within their respective communities.

4. Explore Successes and Failures: Hear firsthand accounts of successful probation initiatives as well as valuable lessons learned from failures. Gain invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t in the realm of probation awareness-raising, empowering you to drive positive change in your sphere of influence.

5. Participate in the Yellow Ribbon Run 2024: Extend your experience beyond the workshop by participating in the Yellow Ribbon Run—an event dedicated to promoting the reintegration of individuals with criminal histories into society. Join fellow participants in supporting the cause of restorative justice and fostering a more inclusive and empathetic community. >>Learn more

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative dialogue on probation awareness. Register now to secure your spot at the workshop and make a meaningful contribution to shaping the future of criminal justice.

Date and Location:

  • Date: 10-11 June 2024
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Venue: A small community-based theatre near Wenceslas Square, offering a unique setting for engaging discussions and meaningful connections.

Register by the 31st of May to reserve your place. Bursaries are available for members in need of financial assistance. We look forward to welcoming you to Prague for an enlightening and inspiring event.

>>more information and register here

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