The Council of Europe has published a compendium with conventions, recommendations and resolutions relating to prisons and community sanctions and measures. It includes topics such as dangerous offenders, electronic monitoring, guidelines regarding radicalisation and violent extremism and the new European rules on community sanctions and measures. 

This compendium also includes conventions and recommendations that do not directly have something to do with prison and probation questions, but whose topics are of importance to persons detained and staff dealing with them. The compendium will continue to be updated, to reflect latest developments.

The Council of Europe has been generating standards in the fields of probation and prison management and practice, for over fifty years. This has led to a comprehensive collection of Recommendations, concerning many different aspects of penology, including the management and delivery of community and custodial sanctions, and specifically of prison and probation services, incorporating values, organisation, management and staff issues, as well as programmes and interventions.

Click here to read the compendium. 

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