Media has created a significant part of our lives with coverages on variety of topics. Certain areas get naturally more attention than others, however, with some only a good or bad story sells. When it comes to criminal justice, and namely probation, the media coverage with a hint of positive attention is a process that takes a long time to achieve. Very often prejudice is something not only probation services must face.

Why is this person not sentenced to serve some time in prison but only to alternative sanction? What is good about alternative sanctions and what does it bring to communities when the person serves the sentence outside prison? How does probation services work with probationers and what is the essence behind? What is probation, what is alternative sanction? These and many others are questions the public, communities, media and even some colleagues from the criminal justice chain ask.

Probation and its meaning, purpose, objectives and important role it plays within the criminal justice sector are to be constantly put in the spotlight. More attention from the general public, communities, partners and media outlets is something probation services strive to achieve.

With this workshop, CEP wants to open space for sharing the stories of successes and failures, projects and initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promoting probation and alternative sanctions, discussing on how to gradually change public opinion and fight stereotypes, show that the work of probation staff is of the same importance and value as of others positions within the criminal justice.

The Workshop is organized in cooperation with the Czech Probation and Mediation Service.

Date and location

10-11 June 2024
Prague, Czech Republic

Registration fee and programme

CEP members: 25 euro
Non-CEP members: 50 euros


Registration deadline is 31st of May.

Accompanying programme – Yellow Ribbon Run 2024

For those interested we invite you to join the Yellow Ribbon Run that takes place on 11 June 2024. Yellow Ribbon Run is part of the Yellow Ribbon project which is a public engagement initiative aimed at changing society’s mindset in giving people with criminal history second chances to integrate back into society. Through sports, cultural and educational events we focus on the topic of reintegration, support and destigmatisation of ex-offenders bearing in mind the wider negative influence of imprisonment on children and families as well as the restorative justice principles. The active participants and co-creators are imprisoned and released persons. The project aims to improve the conditions for the integration of people with a criminal record, to show the usefulness of their involvement in society and to present in a positive and attractive way a topic that is on the margins of public interest.

The theme of the 2024YRR is Fathers with a criminal past. The aim is to promote safety in society and support for children who suffer from their parents´ misconduct.

Join the 2024YRR and run a 4x4km or 4x2km relay in Říčany. The registration fee for the run is paid separately – the cost is 500 CZK (25 EUR per person).



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