The group

The joint CEP-EuroPris Expert Group on Foreign Nationals in Prison and Probation is a network of independent organisations which support European citizens sentenced outside their country of residence and their families. It stems from the EGPA network which was created in 1993. The aim of the CEP Expert Group on Foreign Nationals is to promote the welfare and interests of European citizens who are sentenced outside their country of residence, in order to facilitate their social reintegration. Being an umbrella organisation, the CEP Expert Group on Foreign Nationals does not provide any services directly to members of the public. This is done by its (associate) member organisations. Organisations being part of the CEP Expert Group on Foreign Nationals also work to support the families of these prisoners. To achieve its overall aim, the CEP Expert Group on Foreign Nationals:

  • Promotes co-operation and exchange of information between national and international agencies and groups which support prisoners abroad and their families;
  • Liaises with individuals as well as state and non-governmental bodies which provide support to prisoners abroad;
  • Seeks to encourage the establishment and development of national agencies in all European countries for the welfare of prisoners abroad, e.g. by consulting with governmental and other organisations in European countries;
  • Encourages greater use of prison transfers, so that, where appropriate, sentences can be served in the offender’s home country;
  • Seeks to improve the competencies of its members organisations and other organisations interested in the welfare of prisoners abroad through education, advice and exchange of information and experience;
  • Gathers information on the judicial systems and prison rules in foreign prisons and draws this to the attention of prominent European political and social institutions;
  • Lobbies for:
    • the extensive use of non-custodial sanctions instead of imprisonment
    • shorter prison sentences, where appropriate, for foreign offenders.
  • Supports the implementation of international standards governing the proper detention of persons and all efforts to ensure criminal justice policy, court and prison systems are humane;
  • Supports the abolition of the death penalty.


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