On 30 March 2022 CEP organized its third seminar in the framework of the HELP project, this time in Cologne, Germany. This last seminar was focused on radicalization and rehabilitation after the release from prison.

The event covered the topics related to radicalization from the point of view of practice, training, emerging trends and developments. It also introduced a set of recommendations in the form of the conclusion paper of the RAN cross-cutting event.

Apart from delivering 4 outstanding presentations on the above-mentioned topics, Ms. Eva Massa, project coordinator for the HELP Course (CoE) provided participants with information on final stages of the project and implementation in EU MS and outside EU. A new project called EUTEX was presented as well and the first two of a  series of 8 vodcasts on the topic were officially launched.

The report of the meeting can be found here.

The presentations can be downloaded below:

The (near) future release of violent extremist offenders from prison – Luisa Ravagnani

How to create a working alliance with radicalized offenders – Ioan Durnescu

EUTEx – a new project – Ioan Durnescu and Robert Örell

Understanding and responding to right wing extremism – Robert Örell

Released terrorist offenders: continuity between prison, probation and rehabilitation – Maarten van de Donk

EU-Council of Europe HELP project – Eva Massa


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